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Jack Black and Jason Momoa Announce LOLLIPOP’s 6th Annual Superhero Reveal!

May 1, 2024

Golden Globe Foundation

Event Date: Sunday, May 19 · 10:30am - 2pm PDT - Harmony Gold - $25-$35

Mark your calendars superheroes! Jack Black and Jason Momoa are here to announce that tickets are ON SALE NOW for the Lollipop Theater Network’s 6th Annual Superhero Reveal. The event will take place at Harmony Gold on May 19.

Lollipop Theater Network brings movies and entertainment to pediatric patients nationwide. Their programming consists of in-hospital screenings of current movies and visits with actors, directors, costume designers, artists, and more, along with online, interactive multiple weekly programs where patients from across the country can participate together. The programs provide connection and engagement for these children which helps alleviate the fear and isolation they face, offering them hope, inspiration, and laughter.

Support from the Golden Globe Foundation allows Lollipop programs to reach 10 Southern California hospitals, including those from lower-income communities.

The Annual Superhero Reveal allows children to flex their creative muscles as they imagine what their superhero alter-ego would look like. LOLLIPOP incorporated designers from the Costume Designers Guild into their work and on May 19 in West Hollywood, they will present their work alongside the pediatric patients they partnered with.  These children learned about the Costume Departments on TV and film sets and some were able to visit prop and costume houses that are not open to the public. And you are invited to come and see the results!



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