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MANIFESTWORKS Celebrates 38 New Graduates

April 24, 2024

Golden Globe Foundation

Through immersive learning, real-world work experience, and a network of supportive professional mentors, ManifestWorks connects those impacted by foster care, homelessness, and incarceration with job opportunities and provides ongoing life and professional skills to support long-term success.

On Saturday, April 20, ManifestWorks graduated 38 alumni, their largest cohort ever. Not only were the 14 women graduating the largest number ever, they also represented—at 38 percent—the largest share of the class ever to complete ManifestWorks’ PA training program.

From ManifestWorks:

Meet Julia Sourikoff, a long-time ManifestWorks volunteer, an Advisory Board member and a Senior Producer who was awed by our mission and impact after attending her first class. 

Julia Sourikoff ManifestWorks

ManifestWorks would not have the outcomes we achieve if not for the help of our small army of amazing volunteers, many of whom work in Hollywood. In celebration of National Volunteer’s Month, we chatted with Julia about her involvement. 

What does ManifestWorks mean to you?
“ManifestWorks is about recognizing human potential and the power of taking control of the future instead of being inhibited by the past. I find that really inspiring.”

What keeps you involved, year after year?
“I love the way the programming evolves with the participants and alumni. ManifestWorks offers participants a variety of programming to succeed as PAs, and more generally in life. Outside of the core 11-week career-development course, they offer financial fluency workshops, alumni networking resources, opportunity grants to help alleviate the challenges of a new career, online video archives to revisit coursework and more. 

“They also lean on their community of industry professionals to stay connected to what’s happening in the industry, from pandemic protocols to strikes, so that participants are prepared to start working under whatever circumstances.” 

What is your favorite ManifestWorks event?
“Graduation Day is hands down the most impactful day to be a part of as a volunteer. Because I also volunteer for interviews, I get to see how participants have transformed since joining the program, by developing a stronger work ethic, establishing career goals, and becoming more self-assured and confident in themselves. Graduation also gives a sense of the community spirit that the program fosters, with the return of alumni who attend to support the new grads, and witnessing the relationships that have formed between participants that are now entering into an industry as peers and colleagues.”

Why do you volunteer for ManifestWorks? 
“Because of the participants, their stories and their resilience. The first time I attended a class and got the chance to talk with them I was hooked.”

All it takes is one class to get a feel for the work we do and the impact your support makes serving those who need it most. We are thrilled to announce we will open several of our Saturday classes for those interested in checking out our program over the next 6 months. Get on the waitlist to find out by clicking here.  

The Golden Globe Foundation proudly supports ManifestWorks.

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