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Meet LACC Cinema Production Alumnus William Angel

February 21, 2024

Golden Globe Foundation

William Angel’s dedication and grit for Cinema Production reflects the number of film projects he’s completed during his time at LACC. His persistence has opened doors, such as having his film Sonrisa screen at multiple film festivals including the L.A. Horror Fest and Zedd Film Festival along with winning awards.  

Why did you choose Los Angeles City College?

Affordable and local. This place was supposed to be a pit-stop on a track to higher learning. And then, it became something more. A place with wonderful people and mentors. A place that embraced diversity and welcomed second chances. LACC may have been the most wonderful surprise I’ve encountered in my life. 

Tell us about a favorite class and/or professor at LACC.

The majority of the faculty in the Cinema Production and one outside (Prof. Waltzer) were all helpful, welcoming, and knowledgeable. Professor Christopher Rossiter met my high standards from day one. His experience and understanding not only of the procedural execution of filmmaking but of the importance of artistry and intention is a lesson I’ll always carry with me. 

Tell us about something you have learned/discovered during your program that surprised you. How do you think you will apply it professionally? 

I’ve learned how to research, fill out paperwork, and navigate myself to find accessible resources for my goals. The staff at City Cares, Resources for Success, LACC Foundation, Juliana Medina, and Cynthia Gomez at Guidance Counseling were all integral parts of my success. That being said, the grind of scheduling, asking questions, requesting meetings, and providing proposals will sever me in my professional filmmaking when I’m bootstrapping a project. The art of pitching oneself to various departments is a technique I’ve surprisingly adopted and has and will continue to work in my favor. 

What do you consider to be the strengths of your academic program? 

In the Cinema Program, the strengths would be the knowledgeable faculty, the tireless location staff, and the accessibility to equipment. 

Looking back on your time at LACC, what are you most proud of and why?

I’ve received scholarships, awards, honors, and recognition during my time at LACC. I’ve completed half a dozen projects and built a resume/portfolio/website. Classes outside of cinema have opened my mind to a greater world which has impacted my storytelling ability. Speaking as Valedictorian to this year’s class was an incredible experience. But, my proudest moment, had to be receiving an A in my Math 230 Liberal Arts Math Class. My first go at college, this class was difficult for me. At LACC, the obstacle was still the same, but I worked hard. I completed every assignment, put in the extra hours in tutoring, and crushed that class. 

Photo by Louis White

The Los Angeles City College Foundation remains committed to student success. Our support aims to provide resources for direct educational support as well as assist with wrap-around services in order for LACC students to complete their education, transfer or complete a certificate that will help them earn a family sustaining wage. Tell us about your relationship with LACC Foundation. Did you receive a scholarship award, textbook support, gift cards, a laptop and/or benefit from the Pop Up Food Pantry? How did the Foundation help you? 

The LACC Foundation was generous during my time there. I received Cinema scholarships in several semesters and worked alongside them at the Pop Up Food Pantry. I helped to make sure students received donations and food. 

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