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Women’s Voices Now and EngenderHealth – Real Rights, Reel Change

April 22, 2024

Golden Globe Foundation

Event Date: May 8, 2024 - 6:00PM - Silver Screen Theatre at the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles, CA - $20/$120

Experience the power of film with Women’s Voices Now and EngenderHealth, as we explore pivotal issues around women’s health and rights worldwide. Confront global truths, challenge taboos, and join the movement shaping a just and equitable world for all.

EngenderHealth and Women’s Voices Now (WVN) are proud to present a film screening event centered around sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) on May 8, 2024, at the Silver Screen Theatre at the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles, CA. This evening promises to be a confluence of cinema and social advocacy, starting with an exclusive VIP cocktail reception at 6:00 PM, followed by the main program at 7:00 PM, which features a curated selection of poignant films that echo the SRHR theme.

The lineup includes films like “Code Red,” “Someone You Know,” and “Birth is a Dream: Maternity in Africa,” each offering a unique lens on the complexities of SRHR in different contexts. From narratives on the struggles with menstrual stigma to the life-saving roles of doulas in maternal health and the heartbreak of trying to attain abortion care, these films are sure to ignite meaningful discussions and deepen understanding of the vital issues at stake.

Following the screenings, an expert panel discussion will offer insights from filmmakers, activists, and community leaders, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas and solutions. The event aims not only to showcase EngenderHealth’s pivotal work in global reproductive health and WVN’s dedication to amplifying women’s voices through film, but also to engage and expand our community of supporters in Los Angeles and beyond.

This is an opportunity to be part of a critical conversation on SRHR, transcending continents and cultures, highlighting our shared commitment to advancing the rights, health and voices of women and girls worldwide. Join us in shaping narratives and driving change! 

Women’s Voices Now (WVN), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, uses film to drive social change that advances girls’ and women’s rights globally. We envision a global culture shift in which communities and institutions believe in the value of gender equality, and adapt their behaviors and actions to support systematic advancement of women’s and girls’ rights. WVN has held special consultative status to the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) since 2017.

EngenderHealth is a global organization committed to advancing sexual and reproductive health and rights and gender equality. We support individuals in making free, informed decisions about sexuality and childbearing so they can live the lives they want. We collaborate with local communities and civil society organizations to prioritize health and rights. And we partner with health systems and governments to provide sustainable, high-quality services and a policy environment that supports access care. We are internationally recognized for our expertise and impact in: sexual and reproductive health and rights, maternal and obstetric care, and addressing gender-based violence. Our programs are designed to address harmful gender norms, increase meaningful youth participation, and support health systems strengthening, which is critical to achieving universal health coverage.

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