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World Press Freedom Day at California State University Dominguez Hills

May 3, 2024

Golden Globe Foundation

The free press plays a crucial role in any democracy, serving as a watchdog and a check on power. It helps to hold those in authority accountable and ensures that the public has access to accurate and unbiased information. In today’s world, where disinformation and propaganda are rampant, the freedom of the press has never been more vital. It is not just a fundamental human right, but a cornerstone of democracy itself.

In the 2023-24 grants cycle, the Golden Globe Foundation provided assistance to over a dozen prominent press freedom organizations and nine Journalism Schools at universities across Southern California.

California State University Dominguez Hills hosted its annual World Press Freedom Day event on April 25th. The University’s journalism club, the Society of Independent Student Journalists (SISJ), organized the event, which was supported by a grant from the Golden Globe Foundation.

The purpose of SISJ is to:

  • Offer educational and professional support for student journalists;
  • To reinforce and strengthen the guiding principles of independent journalists;
  • To give student journalists the opportunity to network with industry professionals and instructors;
  • To ensure all interested students are proficient in the principles and practices of journalism professionals.

    Renowned journalists Oscar Flores and Rick Chambers from ABC7, Claire Flores from NBC, and Vincent Samperio from Bleacher Report were in attendance and spoke about their diverse roles within the journalism industry. Students had the opportunity to participate in a mentoring session with the professional journalists before the event concluded with a dinner.

    Photos courtesy of CSUDH.

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